Wuchang University of Technology presided over the formulation of international





On June 18, the international standard symposium ISO/TC183/WG24 (determination of fluorine and chlorine content in the concentrates of copper, lead and zinc—ion chromatography) was held in Wuchang University of Technology.   
International Standardization Organization (ISO) is a world-renowned United Nationsin the Field of Technology. As the most authoritative and comprehensive international standard organization, the standards set by ISO have been widely used in the world. At the seventeenth ISO/TC183 international standard annual meeting in October 2016,  ISO/TC183 established the new international standards working group ISO/TC183/WG24, appointed Professor Cui Hairong of Wuchang University of Technology as the global convener and team leader for the project, organized more than 20 laboratories and experts, who were from China, Australia, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Finland, Chile and other countries, to jointly tackle key problems, and developed the ISO international standard of Determination of Fluorine and Chlorine Content in the Concentrates of Copper, Lead and Zinc—Ion Chromatography. This standard is the first ISO international standard in the field of ion chromatography of non-ferrous metal and also the first time that Wuchang University of Technology has presided over the formulation for ISO international standards.

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