The online saling of Guangxin - Wan Hui City won the victory




On May 26, the extraordinary and outstanding work of Guangxin Science and Education Group for twenty-three years—Guangxin - Wan Hui City ushered in its first opening and launched the academism lakeside housing with a building area of about 75 to 170 m2. 316 sets of original houses were sold out instantly after they were sold on the Internet.
The good results that the original houses of Guangxin - Wan Hui City are sold out instantly have proved the charm of the complex of lake and bay of 260,000 square meters, which is the first one in Tangxun lakeside, and the complex subtly composes and matches the urban resource with high quality. When the company takes the lead in introducing the smart home, at the same time, it always devotes itself to create an abundant and various living area, and construct a modern, humane, healthy and comfortable living condition.

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