Group strategy

Diversification strategy
In accordance with national directions of industry, the Group focuses on long-term development of enterprises, selects and invests in green, environment-friendly and healthy sunrise industries, and forms a good situation with rapid development of diversified industries, such as bio-pharmaceuticals, higher education, finance, real estate, tourism development, cultural media and others.  
Internationalization strategy
Th Group adheres to implementing the internationalization strategy, establishes the cooperative relationship with more than 10 countries and regions, such as Fiji, Hong Kong, Macao, the United States, France, Japan, Thailand, Canada, South Korea, India, Pakistan and others and carries out international cooperation in fields of education investment, real estate development, hotels, trade, tourism, medical care and so on.  
Innovation-driven strategy
The Group adheres to developing and innovating core technology and products, pays attention to and invests in new technologies, new materials and new projects which lead the times, seizes commanding heights of industry, and persistently ensures the leadership and core competitiveness of enterprise.

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