Hubei Manyou International travel service Co. Ltd.

Hubei Manyou International Travel Service Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009, which is affiliated to Guangxin Science and Education Group. It is an international Tourism Company authorized by Chinese government. It relies on the Group’s scenic spots, hotels, resorts and training camp base and other own resources, resorts to the advantages of all-around international strategy layout of wholly owned branch companies and subsidiaries in the United States, Fiji, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, spares no effort to create high quality tourism products both at home and abroad and provides comfortable, abundant and energetic travels to customers with different demands.        
The company has spared no effort to make a “roaming parent-child” brand that people can learn knowledge in the tourism process with an entertainment environment. This kind of activity is based on the theme of family trip on weekends, serving for families with children from 3 to 15 years old, which has become a popular and well-known brand.

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