Fiji water and Noni health regimen products

The Republic of Fiji is a Pacific island country, with a total land area of 18 thousand and 300 square kilometers,which is located in the center of South Pacific and composed of 332 islands, mostly of which are the volcanic islands surrounded by coral reefs. It has a tropical maritime climate, with moderate temperature throughout the year. The temperature is generally maintained between 22 ° C to 32 ° C, and about half of the area is covered by forests, so the natural conditions and tourism resources are advantageous. It has a total population of 900,000. Its economic activities focus on the sugar cane industry, tourism and fisheries, etc. It has no heavy industry, which is the only country in the world that has no cancer.
Fiji, isolated from the outside world, is away from industrial pollution, which has never suffered acid rain. It has original tropical rain forest, and several kilometers of aquifer underground. The aquifer is filtered by ash and rock, which is really pure.
Fiji water has been filtered in the silica-rich volcanic rocks, during which process it absorbs abundant mineral substance the body needs. The high silica content gives Fiji water a unique soft texture and taste, and is also good for hair, skin, nails and bones. In addition, the alkalescent water provides the best PH value for the human body and maintains the body's alkalescence to keep health,which is good for the skin and prevents cancer. It is the world's best natural mineral water, which has been specially provided for the heads of different states.
The group has bought 15 square kilometers of land on the biggest island of Fiji, which is the source of Fiji water. The water is supplied from the source area directly, which ensures the water quality.
Noni fruit is the “Queen” of tropical fruit, which is called "Super Fruit," and is famous all over the world. The Noni fruit produced in the South Pacific Islands is the best. Noni fruit has extremely high medicinal value, which not only provides protein, cellulose, a variety of vitamins, minerals and other microelements the body needs, but also provides enzymes, Xeronine and other active ingredients which are beneficial to human health. It can fully nourishe the body and keep body fit.
Noni fruit can be used to produce health care products, whose leaves can care the skin and rhizomes can be made into medicine, so it has great potential economic value for further development .
At present, the Group has developed a "package" program which includes Noni fruit cultivation, processing, research and development, sales. The fruit is planted on the 15 square kilometers land of Fiji bought by the Group. In addition, Noni fruit health care products manufacturing enterprise is built in Fiji independently. Wuhan Hualong Bio-Chemical pharmaceutical Co., Ltd cooperates with Wuchang University of Technology for the product development. The research results have applied for national patents and the product lines have been introduced for the production of health care products. Finally, the product will be sold by Wuhan Hualong Bio-Chemical pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in China.  

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