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         Guangxin Science and Education Group was founded in 1993, and now its headquarters is located in China Optics Valley, Wuhan. Guangxin Science and Education Group is a large diversified and internationalized enterprise group which has integrated general higher education, medical treatment and pharmaceutical, tourism, finance, real estate, new energy, culture media and other fields. The group company has a permanent private land of 15 square kilometers in Fiji, owns investment companies in Hong Kong and Macao, and has invested many real estate and education industries in the United States, Fiji, Japan, France and Thailand and has set up branch companies in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy and other countries. The assets are more than 10 billion yuan and all kinds of social donations have accumulated to tens of millions yuan. Our group adheres to the purpose that “Education flourishes nation and industry redounds upon nation” and the cultural idea of “Integrity-based and striving for excellence”, has cultivated some well-known brands, such as Wuchang University of Technology, Lulin Mountain Scenic Resort, Hualong Bio-chemical Pharmaceutical Company, Guangxin - Wan Hui City, and has won some honorary titles, such as “The Top Ten Influential Brands of China Industry”, “Hubei Integrity Construction Honor Unit”, “Advanced Units for Earthquake Relief” and “Advanced Units for Charitable Donation”.  
Wuchang University of Technology, located in China Optics Valley, Wuhan, is a general undergraduate college founded and wholly-owned by the Group and incorporated into national enrollment plan. The college was founded in 1997, and now it covers an area of 1400 mu, building areas of more than 400,000 square meters and 14 thousand students. Wuchang University of Technology is the only private university which independently bears the tasks of national reform of educational system and wins national award for teaching achievements and research findings, and also is the first private university to have won the provincial and ministerial award for scientific and technological progress, and the first prize of “National Private Colleges and Universities with the Best Comprehensive Strength”, and has ranked the top three comprehensively among similar universities in the country. It is the only private university which held the setting of national standards for Ion Chromatography.The university initiates a brand new higher educational concept and personnel training mode of “Caliber-oriented Education to Success”, and its school-running characteristics are supported by vice-premier of State Council Liu Yandong in charge of Ministry of Education who has issued a document to the universities in the whole country to promote the school-running patterns. Wuchang University of Technology is honored as one of “The Ten Beautiful Lake View Campuses”, “The Top Ten Academic Campus of Hubei Province” and “The Civilized Unit of Hubei Province”, and its employment rate ranks front row and signature rate also ranks first in Hubei provincial universities in the consecutive two years. The university has carried out education cooperation with more than 20 counties and has more than 500 overseas students, and has set up branch campuses in Japan, France and other countries.
Wuhan Hualong Bio-Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group. This company is a national high-tech bio-chemical pharmaceutical enterprise based on research,  development, production and operation of biological drugs, with more than 60 drug approval certificates and more than 20 national patents. In 2013, the company passed the new GMP certification of State Food and Drug Administration as a whole. The company is the first to invent the biological medicine of polygeline (dextran), which belongs to National Torch Project, and the company steadily ranks the top three in the same industry of the whole country.
Guangxin Tourism Development Co. Ltd. ( Lulin Mountain Scenic Area) Lulin Mountain Scenic Area with Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou Valley is a core scenic spot of Dahong Mountain national landscape, approved by the State Council in 1988. It is a national AAAA-class tourist area, located in the Lulin Town of Jingshan County, Hubei Province, covering an area of 120 square kilometers. It is the place where the famous second peasant uprising, “Lulin Uprising”, happened in the Chinese history and also is the birthplace of the first emperor of Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu. The word of “Lulin Heroes” just originated here. The company carefully builds Beauty Valley, Yuanyang Stream Drifting, Lulin Military Camp, Kongshan Cave and a series of exquisite scenic spots. Lulin Mountain Scenic Area was awarded “The Top Ten Influential Brands of China’s New Scenic Spot” and “The Most Popular Tourist Destination for Foreigners” in 2008 and was listed as “Geological Tourist Attraction of Hubei Province” in 2016, with an annual tourist amount of 2 million person-times.
Guangxin Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. was founded and  wholly-owned by the Group in 2006, which mainly aims to develop residential real estate, commercial real estate and tourism real estate. Guangxin –Wanhui City Project developed by the company is located in the south of China Optics Valley of Wuhan and covers an area of 250, 000 square kilometers, which is praised as the first unique landscape city complex in this region. At present, the company has marched towards overseas and developed the tourism real estate projects on the 15 square kilometers of permanently private coastal land in Fiji owned by Group Company and also has real estate development projects in Las Vegas the United States, Osaka Japan and Chiang Mai Thailand.
Guangxin Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., located in Jingshan County of Hubei Province, mainly develops fruit picking tourism and eco-agricultural tourism. At present, there are dozens of kinds of fruits for people to pick in all seasons. This area is the biggest picking garden in Central China, praised as “the sea of mountains and fruit, the paradise for picking”, including 100,000 mu of walnut industrial park, 50, 000 mu of commercial forests with forest right certificate, almost 1000 mu of ecological high-end aquaculture base, and 4000 “Fraxinus Hupehensis” plants which are the only national secondary protection plants in the world. The company is “Key Forestry Corporate Champion of Hubei Province”, “The Demonstration Site of National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism” and the first batch of “National Key Forestry Corporate Champion”.
Hong Kong Guangxin International Investment Co., Ltd. was established and operated in 1998, with the registration place of Kowloon of Hong Kong. The company mainly carries out the international investment business, including real estate, finance, medicine, tourism, education and other fields, and has developed business in Fiji,the United States, Japan, France, Thailand,South Korea, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries and regions.
Shanghai Guangyin Equity CCI Capital Ltd. was founded in September 2007, with its headquarters located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The company is among the first batch of private equity management companies with fund manager qualification, and mainly works on equity investment, fund management, enterprise merger and acquisition and other investment business, and has set up and managed many kinds of private equity. The company has extensive business cooperation with state-owned banks, stock-holding banks, securities companies and other institutions.
Wuhan Soft Internet Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, located in China Optics Valley of Wuhan, is a new high-tech enterprise and double soft enterprise. The company has developed several sets of software products and industry solutions with its own proprietary intellectual property rights. The company’s business mainly covers software development, E-commerce operation, campus information construction, IT operation, and website establishment and so on. The company is the provider of IT comprehensive service and strategic partner in the industry, such as communications, bank, medical and pharmaceutical, education and public service.
Hubei Dongxifang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. This company consists of industry elites, such as senior publishers, film and television planners and others, dedicated to creating exquisite cultural products. Company’s business covers film and television media, teaching material research and development, publication and distribution. The films and television programs include Double Chase, The Young with No Fear (the Seventieth Cannes Film Festival screening in 2017), The Basketball Dream of Dashanao. The company has published many best-selling books, such as more than 50 sets of university teaching materials with quality education characteristics and To My Dear Daughter. Among them, the publication of Girls’ Security Manual of Primary and Secondary School Edition was selected as the textbook of science popularization education of “Guarding Childhood--Girls’ Security Action” by National Women's Federation.
Guangxin International Hotel was founded in 2003. It is located near the beautiful Tangxun Lake, with a building area of 20 thousand square meters. As a quasi-five-star hotel, it has golf range, heated swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, fitness center, function hall and can receive accommodation of more than 2000 people. It is the best full function hotel for wedding, business negotiation, conference, training and national related events.
Wuhan Guangning Hospital is located near the beautiful Tangxun Lake at the foot of Meinan Mountain, close to Jiangxia Avenue and Miao Mountain Station of Wuhan-Xianning city railway. It is a comprehensive hospital with multi-functions of medical care, teaching, emergency treatment, prevention, health protection and community medical services. The hospital establishes outpatient department and inpatient department, and sets up some first level treatment departments, such as emergency department, internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology department, pediatric department, rehabilitation medicine department, stomatology department, traditional Chinese medicine department, medical clinical laboratory, medical imaging department. Wuhan Guangning Hospital is a designated medical insurance unit in Wuhan.
Logistics Service Branch Company of Guangxin Science and Education Group mainly provides teachers and students of colleges and universities with high-class, rapid and convenient professional logistics service guarantee, including food service management, staff quarter management, water and electricity management, maintenance management, campus landscaping management, cleaning service management, commercial network management, fitness club management and other services.
  Guangxin (Fiji) Investment Co., Ltd. is responsible for investment and construction of the permanently private land of 15 square kilometers in Fiji purchased by the Group, focusing on developing international tourism, overseas real estate, Fiji water, Noni health regimen products, and is a key project of national “One Belt and One Road” strategy and Group international development.

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