Group advantage

(1)Brand advantage:
Education brand: Originally Create “theoretical system of caliber-oriented education to success”, establish Wuchang University of Technology and form a unique and favorable successful mode of caliber-oriented education to success.     
Tourism brand: Lulin Mountain scenic spot is the core scenic spot of Dahong Mountain national landscape and famous scenery and national AAAA-Level tourism area; Guangxin Ecological Agriculture Company is the national key forestry corporate and the demonstration site of national leisure agriculture and rural tourism.
Medicine brand: Hualong Bio-Chemical pharmaceutical company is the first company of the country to invent polygeline (dextran) of national Torch Program project and is the leading biological pharmacy enterprise of Hubei Province.   
Real estate brand: Wanhui City Project of GuangxinGroup is hailed as the first unique landscape city complex in Optics Valley, Wuhan,China..
(2)Talents advantage:
Through continuous talent system construction, the Group selects and cultivates a talent team with strong quality, innovative thinking, and outstanding expertise. Especially, Wuchang University of Technology has cultivated all kinds of talents for the Group, which becomes the personnel guarantee and an advantage for the development of various undertakings of the Group.     
(3)Resource advantage:
Wuchang University of Technology is a famous university approved by Chinese government and has the qualifications for the national plan enrollment and the global enrollment of international students, and has the right to confer Bachelor degree. The university covers an area of 1413 mu ,with the building area of more than 0.5 million square meters. The university has 11 colleges and sets up 62 undergraduate (professional training) majors, and has more than 15000 students. With the development of nearly twenty years, Wuchang University of Technology has become a well-known university with engineering and management as its main subjects, and coordinated development of multi-disciplinary. It has two overseas branch schools and established broad cooperations with many famous universities at home and abroad.
Lulin Mountain scenic area is a national landscape and famous scenic spot, with 50 years’ operational rights owned by the Group , covering an area of 120 square kilometers. It is the place where Chinese second peasant uprising, “Lulin Uprising”, happened and is the headstream of “Lulin Heroes” culture.
Ecological Agriculture Company has 100 thpusand mu walnut industrial park , the certificate of 50 thousand mu commercial forests , more than one thousand mu ecological high-end aquaculture bases, and has 4000 “Fraxinus hupehensis” plants which are the only national secondary protection plants in the world.
Hualong Bio-Chemical pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise, which has more than 60 national medicine approval certificates and medicaments of 39 types and 62 specifications, such as large volume injection, small volume injections, frozen-dried powder injection, chemical raw medicine, and has obtained more than 20 national patents.
Wuhan Soft Internet Company is a new high-tech enterprise and double soft enterprise. The company has developed several software systems with its own proprietary intellectual property rights; The culture company has extensive resources in film and television investment, publication and distribution, development of teaching materials, has shot a number of TV series and films, developed more than 50 college textbooks and published several best selling books.   
Guangxin Real Estate Company permanently holds the commercial property of Guangxin - Wan Hui City, and has purchased a permanent private land of 15 square kilometers in Fiji, the South Pacific island country, more than 100 sets of golf course cottage building in Las Vegas the United States, and a number of real estate development projects in Osaka, Japan and Chiengmai, Thailand.     
Shanghai Guangyin Equity CCI Capital Ltd. owns financial license and is in the first batch of Private Equity Management Company of obtaining the fund manager qualification.

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