Employee training

Training principle:
Start to work after passing the training
Training contents:
Enterprise culture. Through the enterprises culture training, the employees can understand the strategic ideas and cultural essences which are accumulated in the company’s development, keep the thought and action being consistent with the company, enhance the sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise and form a consistent value and behavior system.
Rules and regulations. Employees must understand the enterprise’s rules and regulations through training, establish the concept that “system is greater than everything” and “system is higher than everything”, abide consciously by the rules and regulations and adhere to do everything according to the system.
Business skills includes business knowledge learning, operational skills training, application training of advanced theory, early training for the expected business development and management technical training and so on.
Training form:
Internal training includes the orientation training for new employees, improvement training for middle-level cadres and daily business training, which are mainly about the training of enterprise culture, rules and regulations and professional skills.  
Assignment training refers that the employees come to the academies, enterprises and training institutions outside the company to seek for training, including short-term outbound training, discipline training, education and degree training, qualification certificate training and overseas training and so on.
Training method:
Mainly include  class presentation, operational demonstration, theme-training, multimedia audio-video, position playing, online courses learning, reading books, case study, consultation type training, master instructing apprentice mode, on-the-job training, specialized guidance, outdoors training, visiting and inspecting and so on.

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