Development space

Starting from same line, we will be different
1、Promotion structure chart
The managers develop along with the management channel, provide the employees with more opportunities to participate in decision-making and management, and train the employees to undertake the enterprise management responsibilities.    
Professionals develop along with the project management or technical channel, which makes employees be more independent, equip with higher professional abilities and have more resources to participate in professional activities at the same time
2、Promotion channel
Longitudinal development: In the event of a vacancy in the superior position or the employees obtaining promoting ability, the company carries out the open competitive employment and assessment promotion in accordance with Promotion Management Method.  
Horizontal development: In addition to the promotion of positional level requirements, the employees have other demands for other post categories. In view of different career goals, the company provides cross-category opportunities at the same level and different posts and carries out transfer-position and promotion mainly by the way of internal allocation and competition.    

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