Senior investment manager

Job requirements: Senior investment manager
Job responsibilities:
1、Be responsible for the relevant work of searching, selecting, project proposal, return on investment of foreign investment project before the investment for the Group’s Investment Department and Fund Company;  
2、Assist the marketing of sales work and the of plan and implementation of road show of the fund company;
3、Be responsible for the management of investment projects and follow the development trend of Project Company in real-time. Judge keenly the industry opportunities, study and designate the development strategies of investment projects. Complete the assessment reports of regular investment projects;
4、Put forward the proposals and rational judgments for the exit channels of the investment projects which is in your charge;make and implement plans.
5、Other related work for temporary investments.
Job qualifications:
1、Bachelor degree or above in the relevant majors, such as finance, accounting and economic law;
2、More than 3 years relevant working experience in factories, equity or securities investment;
3、Be able to complete the investment analysis report and the basic formulation of business plan;
4、Have good communicational ability, nice character, positive thinking and good professional integrity.
Contact information: 027-81652986,027-81652077

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