Hubei Huachuang Outward-bound Co. Ltd


Hubei Huachuang Outward-bound Co. Ltd, affiliated to Guangxin Group of Science and Technology, was founded in 2006 with registered funds of 100 million Yuan. The company, which is aimed to arouse potentials, practice self-challenging, strengthen team spirits and improve overall qualities in a full scale, consists of various outward-bound trainings including adventure tourism, outdoor sports, extended activities and field battle, education of revolutionary traditions, farming culture and training in the open air, over the water, on the ground or in the high altitude and so on.

The company has two first –class outward-bound bases in Wuhan Ethnic Village and Lulin Mountain Scenic Spot respectively. The two bases are the best in central China for its scale and facilities and are believed to be an ideal place for a comprehensive quality development, including more than 300 projects with sufficient supporting facilities for daily life for over 1000 people.

Address: No.16, Jiangxia Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Telephone: +86027-87925796



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