The bidding document for distribution project of the high and low voltage power

Bidding announcement
1. Project name: Distribution project of high and low voltage power of Guangxin - Wan Hui City project
2. Project location: No. 14, Jiangxia Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan
3. Bidding type: Invitational tender (To receive the bidding documents with power of attorney of the unified template of bidders)
4. Overall floorage: The overall floorage is 257441.6 m2, of which the floorage of basement is 73101.5 m2. For frame-shear wall structure, the uppermost storey is the 27th floor on the ground, the lowest storey is the negative one-storey under the ground and some part of area has 2 floors.  
5. Bidding scope: The “turn-key project” of construction of power supply of Guangxin - Wan Hui City, including but not limited to public power transformer (one flow-meter for one household), specific power transformer (special electricity and civil engineering channel) construction, which should receive the acceptance by electric power department for one time.  
6. Engineering construction duration: Ensure that building project, installation, pocket watch, energizing and other work should be complete before May 30, 2018 for the project implementation of the two parts of office building, shopping mall and business street and the residence project implementation. Bidders may, according to their own strength, finish the project ahead of schedule, and formulate the implementation plans in accordance with the actual conditions.  

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