The bidding document for the exterior wall coating decoration of Guangxin - Wan

Invitation for bid
We carry out the invitational tender for the exterior wall coating decoration project of Guangxin - Wan Hui City and select the excellent professional contracting units. Now, the qualified bidders to bid are invited.
I. Project overview
Project name: The exterior wall coating decoration project of Guangxin - Wan Hui City
Project location: No. 14, Jiangxia Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan
Project scale: The overall floorage is 257441.6 m2;
The floorage of basement is 73101.5 m2. For frame-shear wall structure, the uppermost storey is the 27th floor on the ground, the lowest storey is the negative one-storey under the ground and some part of area has 2 floors.
The exterior wall coating area is about 0.16 million m2, the texture-coating area is about 35 thousand m2 and the stone coating area is about 17 thousand m2(see Appendix for the classification of coatingsthe samples and process description designated by the bidders).
Mode of financing: Self-raised
Bidding type: Invitational tender

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