Lulin Mountain scenic area was listed as “The first batch of construction unit

On August 10, Hubei Provincial Tourism and Development Commission and Hubei Geological Bureau issued The Notice on Publishing the lists of The First Batch of Construction Unit of Geological Tourism Demonstrated in Hubei Province and determined 32 units as the the first batch. Among them, Lulin Mountain scenic area invested and developed by the Group was approved to be in the list.  
Lulin Mountain scenic area is national 4A-class. It is the core scenic spot of Dahong Mountain, national landscape and famous scenery, which was approved by the State Council in 1988 together with Zhangjiajie National Park and Jiuzhaigou National Park. Lulin Mountain is located in the Jingshan county of Hubei province and covers an area of 120 square kilometers. It is the place of origin where the famous second peasant uprising, “Lulin Uprising”, happened in Chinese history and also is the birthplace of the first emperor of East Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu. The word “Lulin Heroes” just originated here. In 2004, Guangxin Science and Education Group obtained the right of management of Lulin Mountain scenic area for 50 years, in accordance with the long-term goal of “creating the large forests, establishing the big brands, and developing the great tourism”, adhered to the protection and development simultaneously and greatly promoted the rapid development of tourism in Lulin Mountain. In 2008, Lulin Mountain scenic area was named national 4A class. In 2013, it became the famous tourist destination in Central China. In 2014, it was normally listed as national 5A establishment plan. The scenic area has obtained some honors, such as “the best eco-tourism scenic area of the 60th anniversary of China”, “the most popular tourist destination for foreigners”, “the most beautiful scenic spot in Hubei” and so on.

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